This year’s programme starts off with a free concert of Monkey Business in the innogy open-air cinema, Masaryk Square. Several evenings in our Theatre and Literature Tent will be reserved for cymbalom bands, Mír Club will host the concerts of Please the Trees, WWW or Dunaj (200 CZK for public, half-price for the holders of festival passes). A more demanding audience may look forward to Bennewitz Quartet in the church of St. Francis Xavier, Masaryk Square. Buy discount tickets via My SFS. Non-registered members can purchase the tickets at the town’s information centre or during the festival at Festival Shop in front of Hvězda Cinema.

Monkey Business

Saturday, July 27 / 9:00 pm / innogy Open-air Cinema, Masaryk Square
Free Admission
Last autumn, Monkey Business released their new album Bad Time for Gentlemen. Roman Holý’s unique style, outstanding performance of vocalists Matěj Ruppert and Tereza Černochová, trombone, saxophone, keyboards and unmistakable voice of Ashley Slater.
The concert is organized with financial support of our main partner innogy.

12: PIET + Please The Trees

Monday, July 29 / 9:00 pm / Mír Club
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
12: PIET is a punk romantic band from Moravian Slovakia, Please The Trees returns to SFS with their fifth album Infinite Dance, partially recorded with Brandon Eggleston in the Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco.

Bennewitz Quartet

Tuesday, July 30 / 8:00 pm / St. Francis Xavier Church, Masaryk Square
290 CZK / 190 CZK (holders of festival passes)
Since 1998 the quartet bears the name of the violinist and director of a music conservatory in Prague, Antonín Bennewitz, and is one of the top international chamber ensembles. This status is confirmed not only by their victories in two prestigious competitions – Osaka in 2005 and Prémio Paolo Borciani, Italy in 2008, but also by the acclaim of the critics. At SFS, it will feature the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Ludwig van Beethoven.


Wednesday, July 31 / 10:00 pm / Mír Club
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
WWW’s musical expression can be characterized as a combination hip-hop, industrial and electronic music. The band was founded in the early 1990s and its members were the first Czech musicians experimenting with rap music. Through its 20 years of existence, WWW released several substantial albums.


Friday, August 2 / 9:00 pm/ Mír Club
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
The legendary alternative music band from Brno is coming back. Their music is a blend of classical beat music, minimalism and punk.