Tickets and Festival Passes

How can I buy my festival pass?

Go to My LFŠ (first-time visitors need to register first) and select a preferred festival pass, accommodation or ticket to the accompanying programme.

The selected items will be reserved for 90 minutes. Please proceed according to the instructions. You can choose to pay via credit card or wire transfer. Online payments allow for immediate confirmation and are therefore highly recommended.

Wire transfer payments must be received within three working days or at least three days prior to the beginning of the festival. Payments from abroad can only be made via credit card.

What are the advantages of festival passes compared to tickets?

Festival passes allow access to any film screening (please be there in time as there are no seat reservations). They allow prior access to the festival’s public programme and free access to galleries and museums (http://www.slovackemuzeum.cz/doc/3/).

Holders of festival passes can get discounts on selected accompanying events (concerts, theatre performances etc.) as well as discounts in selected restaurants.

Ticket packs come in three options: 4-Ticket Pack, 6-Ticket Pack, and 8-Ticket Pack and allow access to any film screening. Unlike the passes, they are transferable and can be used by more people for more film screenings.

The prices of all ticket packs and festival passes can be found at https://en.lfs.cz/passes/ and you can purchase them via My LFŠ or at the SFS Festival Centre during the festival.

Can I get any discount on a festival pass?

Discounts are available for students and teachers (we accept ISIC, ITIC, ALIVE, and EYCA cards or a study confirmation paper), for members of film clubs (AČFK or ASFK cards), for employees of Czech Television, disabled persons, and 60+ seniors. The latter ones can confirm their age upon receipt at the ticket office.

Please upload a scanned image of your valid ID in My LFŠ or send it to slevy@lfs.cz within three days after your festival pass has been purchased. You will receive a confirmation email. Discounts cannot be combined.

People with disabilities (Disability Card or ZTP/P Card holders) and accompanying persons are eligible for a 50% discount on tickets and festival passes. To request a discount, please email us at slevy@lfs.cz.

Where can I pick up my festival pass, tickets and other purchased items?

If you’ve paid in advance, go straight to the SFS Collect Point in front of the Hvězda cinema.

You can also buy your festival pass or discounted tickets to the accompanying programme at the SFS Festival Centre in front of the Hvězda cinema.

If you want to buy a ticket pack for a full price or the tickets to the accompanying programme, please go to the SFS Shop.

Accommodation and Accessibility

Do you also offer accommodation?

All holders of festival passes can purchase accommodation via My LFŠ. We offer sleeping bag accommodation (in the schools, gyms and camps) and beds in local dormitories (UTB and Mojmír).

Accommodation can be purchased at the SFS Festival Centre and is available for everyone, not just for the holders of festival passes.

For more accommodation options, please visit: (www.facebook.com/groups/ubytovaninalfs/).

Are there any age restrictions at the festival?

15 and 18 rated films are labelled in our daily programme. All other screenings are suitable to anyone over 6 with a valid ticket or festival pass.

Children under 6 are not allowed to the screening rooms. There is a special programme for kids in the park with workshops and theatre performances.

All screening rooms are barrier-free.

Can I visit the festival without a ticket or festival pass?

Part of the festival programme (e.g. open-air cinemas) is for free to everyone. However, holders of festival passes have a priority entrance, all other visitors can enter the venue 10 minutes before the start if capacity allows. Masterclasses are usually the most visited events. Buying a one-day festival pass might be the way how to avoid similar problems and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Can I bring a dog?

No animals are allowed to the festival screening rooms or accommodation facilities offered via My LFŠ.


Is it possible to buy a ticket or reserve a seat for a particular film screening?

No such thing is possible at the SFS. Please try to always come in time to get a seat.

70+ seniors are allowed to reserve a seat for two screenings in a day. They just need to report to the Guest Service in the Smetanovy Sady Park one day or at least 3 hours before the screening.

When and where can I find the festival’s daily programme?

Our daily programme is announced in section Daily programme, usually 3-4 weeks before the festival.

You can also use the SFS mobile application where you can create your personal programme. You can download it for free at the App Store or Google Play.

Can I register my own film?

The Summer Film School is a non-competitive festival and the selection of films is fully within the remit of its organizing team.

How can I buy a ticket to a concert or theatre show if I don’t have a festival pass?

The SFS accompanying programme is open to everyone, however:

  1. a) Holders of festival passes can buy discounted tickets in advance via My LFŠ or at the SFS Festival Centre by 4 p.m. on a particular day.b) Non-holders of festival passes can buy full-price tickets at the SFS Shop in front of the Hvězda cinema or at the town’s information centre in Masaryk Square or at the venue half an hour before the start of a show.


What are the opening hours of the key festival services?

On Friday, the SFS Festival Centre, SFS Collect Point, and SFS Shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. The opening hours for all following days are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

What is the cancellation policy for festival passes, tickets and accommodation?

If you cannot come to the festival, we are able to refund part of your money according to the following rules:

– 50% of the amount for cancellations made before July 31,
– no refund after July 31, but you can transfer your pass or tickets to someone else.

The respective amount will be sent to your bank account within 30 days after the cancellation.

An extension of your festival pass is always possible. Any changes should be made via platby@lfs.cz.

Can I enrol for a voluntary or part-time job or can I offer you my translation services?

If you study a programme that is somehow related to film festivals and would like to take an internship, please send us your CV and motivation letter at produkce@acfk.cz.

For volunteering and part-time jobs, email at dobrovolnictvi.lfs@gmail.com.

If you want to participate as a translator or an interpreter, feel free to email us at preklady@lfs.cz.

Can I offer you my services?

If you want to run a stall, please email your proposals by mid-May at produkce@lfs.cz. If you think your service could contribute to the quality of the festival, do not hesitate to contact us at the same address.

Is there an Internet Café at the festival?

Yes, there is one at the SFS Festival Centre. You can use the computers to buy a festival pass, tickets and other items. There are some more computers at the town’s information centre in Masaryk Square.

Is there a left-luggage office at the festival?

Yes, it is situated right next to the Guest Service in the Smetanovy Sady Park running daily from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. One piece of luggage per a day costs 25 CZK.

Is there a lost property service?

Yes, all lost and found items will be deposited at the SFS Shop. All post-festival enquiries regarding the lost property should be emailed at produkce@lfs.cz.

What are the rules for taking photographs and making audiovisual recordings during the festival?

During the Summer Film School, photographs are taken and audiovisual recordings are made either by media, or for commercial and promotional purposes. If you see yourself in any of these and disagree with being photographed or recorded, please email us at produkce@lfs.cz.