Panel Discussion: Be in the Picture

Tuesday, July 30 / 10:00 am – 12:00 am
Klub kultury 2

Margins between various types of media in the digital era are constantly wiping off. Therefore, it is crucial to be in the picture and get acquainted with the pitfalls of audio-visual content. This panel discussion will present some unconventional formats of educational programmes that help enhance media literacy in a playful and accessible way. Czech and foreign lecturers will share their experience with the integration of modern pop-culture phenomena, such as escape games, YouTube or mobile applications, into teaching processes. They will describe the successes so far as well as the opportunities for further development of this approach in film and audio-visual education.

The panel discussion will be followed by an afternoon series of sample workshops to get hands-on experience. And since the workshops will be open to all SFS attendees, you will be able to see the lecturers working with different target groups.

The discussion will be moderated by Ester Valchářová Pěkná (One World in Schools)

Jessie Curell (Hands On Media Education, CA)
Ester Valchářová Pěkná (One World in Schools, CZ)
Miroslav Hanus (Fakescape, CZ)

Interpreted to Czech.