Festival’s theatre programme is dominated by HaDivadlo Theatre that will perform on two different stages. The Theatre and Literature Tent in the park will host various other ensembles. Buy discount tickets via My SFS accreditation system, non-registered members can purchase the tickets at the town’s information centre or during the festival at Festival Shop in front of Hvězda Cinema.

All theatre shows are performed in Czech.

400 let útrum: Metaphor-City

Friday, July 26 / 7:00 pm / Theatre and Literature Tent
Voluntary admission
The text for the play Metaphor-City for three voices can be interpreted in two ways – either as an urban fable about living together in mutual tolerance, or as a metaphor of the life of an artist who turns into himself and misses his own life.

Continuo Theatre: Mea Culpa

Sunday, July 28 / 7:00 pm / Theatre and Literature Tent
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
Mea Culpa draws inspiration from the very roots of African culture, its rituals, music, storytelling, rhythms, colours and omnipresent spirituality. It retells the modern African history with all its genocides, corruption and never-ending bloody power struggle.

Kampa Theatre: Anna Karenina

Tuesday, July 30 / 7:00 pm / Theatre and Literature Tent
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
An intimate atemporal drama that may take place anytime, anywhere. Tolstoy’s famous novel dramatized as a play with two narrative currents.

There’s Never Enough Frolics

Tuesday, July 30 / 7:00 pm / Skanzen Rochus
Tickets at the entrance: 70 CZK / 50 CZK (holders of festival passes)
The vividness of life in Moravian Slovakia and ardent spirits of its inhabitants will be the major topics of a literary evening full of storytelling, songs and film extracts.

Improliga: All Imp

Thursday, August 1 / 8:00 pm / Theatre and Literature Tent
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
An improvisational theatre from Ostrava will show their best. Come enjoy a playful performance that crosses borders between the play and the reality, between the festival and the world, between here and now.

HaDivadlo Theatre: Maloměšťáci

Friday, August 2 / 7:00 pm / Slovácké divadlo (theatre)
350 CZK / 250 CZK (holders of festival passes)
An iconic text of modern Russian realism. A cosy interior at the turn of the 19th and 20th century as a symbol of the golden age of the family. Decent, well-behaved people and a tea set. Life with clearly defined boundaries between here and out there. And the work serving as a protection of these boundaries. Conversations and costumes – boredom in the interior. What’s the time?

HaDivadlo Theatre: K antropocénu

Saturday, August 3 / 5:00 pm / UMPRUM
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
An authorial “craze” on ecology crisis and art. Our planet, as seen by scientists and activists, reached its final phase, the Anthropocene. What to say in year 2050? “Say: coal.” Fagocene, polemocene, capitalocene – consume, cybernetics and death (of meaning). Rewind the time. Fun is what remains. Futuro-show. Exhibition. And – hiding in between. „This was the world!“ Will it be forever?