44. Summer Film School

Uherské Hradiště


28. 6. 2018

Daily Programme Published

Arrive prepared! We have published the festival’s daily programme so you can now start planning…
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23. 6. 2018

Trier before Trier without Trier

Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště will introduce von Trier’s lesser-known works as well as his…
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23. 5. 2018

Katinka Farago on Bergman

When she was seventeen, she became a script supervisor for Ingmar Bergman. Just because there…
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Festival premieres and old gems – daily programme published!

We will celebrate Ingmar Bergman’s anniversary, the foundation of the Czechoslovak state and of the Czech cinematography. F. W. Murnau’s silent films will be accompanied with live music. We will dance with American film musicals, surf on the Greek Weird Wave and take a look at Lars von Trier, virtual reality or the horrors of adolescence.

Films and motifs from experts’ point of view.

Mike Leigh, Bergman’s assistant Katinka Farago, Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Anders Refn or Mathieu Pradat will share their views on film at the festival’s lectures, panels and post-screening discussions.

Film’s not everything. Savour the magic of summer days & nights.

Tired of watching movies? Visit outdoor concerts or cracking performances by La Putyka. Dance through the night at Mír Club Parties, have a glass of wine with a dulcimer band. Enjoy Uherské Hradiště with all the town’s beauty spots and cosy cafes.


Accreditations available.

Multi-day festival accreditations, single-admission ticket packs and a limited offer of accommodation are on sale now.