2020 SFS Guests

Hanna Schygulla

At the SFS: 9–12 August
Hanna Schygulla is one of the most famous European actresses who earned her renown especially for her roles in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s films. Besides her close collaboration with this enfant terrible of New German Cinema, she also regularly occurred in films by Wim Wenders, Jean-Luc Godard, Andrzej Wajda, Carlos Saura, Béla Tarr, Marco Ferreri or Vojtěch Jasný. This award winner from Cannes and Berlin is still inspirational and still appears in contemporary art-house movies (e.g. The Prayer by Cédric Kahn). The Summer Film School will showcase a small selection of her film appearances and also a unique Cineconcert with the short films Schygulla directed herself (some of them in world premiere) as well as her vocal performance accompanied by the Sicilian artist Etta Scollo.

Vladimír Körner

At the SFS: 7–12 August
Vladimír Körner is one of the most important Czech authors of the second half of the 20th century. He entered the world of film simultaneously with the Czech New Wave, yet his screenplays had a completely different poetics. Körner’s lonely “heroes” find themselves in critical moments of the Czech history. He focuses on grand dramas rather than ordinary lives, trying to capture the real essence of human existence. The SFS will present six feature films produced from Körner’s screenplays (e.g. Valley of the Bees, Adelheid or The Little Sugar House).

Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda

Krystyna Zachwatowicz-Wajda is a Polish scenographer, costume designer and actress who dedicated most of her career to theatre (Teatr Stary in Krakow, Piwnica pod Baranami). Her contribution to film concentrated mainly around her husband, Andrzej Wajda. She also played several roles in his films (e.g. The Maidens of Wilko, Chronicle of Amorous Accidents, Man of Marble or Pan Tadeusz), designed costumes for Wajda’s films (e.g. The Wedding, The Shadow Line, The Possesed or The Revenged) and won nomination for Orel, a prestigious national award, in 2003. For many years, she has stood by Wajda’s side both as a wife, and a colleague.

Tuvia Tenenbom

At the SFS: 7–10 August
Tuvia Tenenbom is an American-Israeli author, journalist and playwright who attracted well deserved attention with his book Catch the Jew. In this novel, with the identity of a German journalist, Tenenbom returns to his homeland to capture the tragic and often comical aspects of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence. But that’s not the only book he wrote. In The Lies They Tell, Tenenbom travelled across the United States shortly before the 2016 presidential elections, Hello, Refugees explores a refugee crisis in Germany and his latest Her Majesty’s Rat focuses on Brexit. As his Czech publisher describes him: He is as funny as Borat, as clever as Woody Allen and as persistent as Michael Moore.

Rafał Syska

Rafał Syska is an associate professor in the Audiovisual Arts Department of Jagiellonian University in Krakow and one of the Polish most respected experts on Andrzej Wajda. In 2019, Syska curated the multimedia exhibition called Wajda in the National Museum in Krakow. Yet he has a much broader scope, starting from film history or artistic movements in contemporary film, up to genre films or representation of violence in films. His habilitation thesis analyses works of Robert Altman, he wrote many books and articles on film. Syska was also a director of the international film festival Etiuda and an editor-in-chief of the Ekrany magazine.

Bohdan Karásek

At the SFS: 10–12 August
Last year, Bohdan Karásek surprised critics and audiences with his late directorial debut Karel, Me and You. Karásek attended the Film School in Zlín and Prague’s FAMU (screenwriting and dramaturgy). He started his career in the late 1990s (shorts and experimental films). He is the founder of the independent production company, Alfred Bourian’s Film Company, that produced his home-made films Lucy, Love Songs and Karel, Me and You. All of them will be screened at this year’s SFS.