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The Present

Midnight Delicacies: Trash a la Italiana

Italian cinema’s contribution to braque genres were mostly westerns, horrors, police thrillers or the regional subgenre called giallo films. However, some Italian filmmakers ventured to explore even more bizarre and trashy areas. In their pursuit of instant success, they selected non-Italian locations, cast big movie stars, exploited trends or the biggest blockbusters.
This numerous, yet incoherent group of Italian projects or co-productions will be represented by a diverse selection of films. We are bringing you post-apocalyptic action movies, fantasy adventures with a naive imitation of Star Wars or badly designed hybrids of Predator and Robocop. We are going to indulge in costume spectacles with physical attractions ranging from slapsticks to wild sexual orgies.


Aleš Říman is a middle-school teacher. At the Summer Film School, he returns to his original domain. He loves genre films, braque and everything made in Italy and he has a complicated but very fruitful relationship to Czechoslovak cinema.

Mojmír Sedláček is a film programmer, publicist and a big fan of art house cinema and braque movies. At the SFS, he tries to combine these two passions beyond conventional taste.

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