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New Czech and Slovak Films

One thing is for sure: The new generation of Czech filmmakers has arrived! Are they bringing a better quality? Last year, there were two feature debuts presented at the world’s renowned film festivals (Somewhere Over the Chemtrails in Berlin and Victim in Venice). Let’s see what’s in the pipeline for this season. Restore Point is a clever sci-fi by Robert Hloz. A Sensitive Person is a crazy road movie about love and fear directed by Tomáš Klein. Brutal Heat, a directorial debut of Albert Hospodářský, is introspection to today’s world and a life of one man. And Tomáš Pavlíček and Jan Vejnar will introduce their dark comedy She Came at Night.
Besides the feature debuts, there is also Tomáš Bojar with his documentary Good Old Czechs, Petr Václav’s award-winning biographical drama Il Boemo and many more.


Jaroslav Sedláček is a creative producer of Czech Television and a huge fan of Czech cinema. At first, he wrote about Czech films, and then he started to produce them. He loves cycling, swimming, soft sided lightning and movies that can change your life (at least for a while).

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