Panel Discussion: Innovative Forms of Film Workshops

Monday, July 29 / 10:00 am – 12:00
Klub kultury 2

How to acquaint pupils with the film image, sound and editing and the ways they shape our perception of films? In this panel discussion, Czech and foreign lecturers, experienced in running unconventional workshops on working with film language, will introduce several ways of getting participants actively involved in discovering the role of film sound, they will describe how editing shapes the final impression of a film scene or how we employ our visual perception while watching films.

The aim is to share experience, inspire and advise on how to run such workshops. The panel discussion will be followed by an afternoon series of sample workshops to get hands-on experience. And since the workshops will be open to all SFS attendees, you will be able to see the lecturers working with different target groups.

The panel will be translated into Czech and English.
The discussion will be moderated by František Topinka (Aeroškola).
Dan Mayfield (School of Noise, UK)
Ondřej Belica (CZ)
Jan Kulka (CZ)
Jakub Jiřiště (NaFilM: Národní filmové muzeum, CZ)
Interpreted to Czech.